Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you ever had something come up often enough in conversations that you start to think the universe is trying to tell you something?

That’s what has been happening with this book.

I’ve have copies of it passed on to me by three different people over the past few months.

Yesterday, it came up in a video I was watching on FARMING, as a suggestion of something I should read.

When I walked into the bookstore tonight to buy a cookbook, the cashier picked this up from the counter and rang it through as part of my order. I have no idea who left it on the counter.

Okay, I can take a hint.

I guess I need to read this.

It’s now been moved to the top of my reading pile.

I’ll let you know if it was worth all the trouble!

My Pup can SMILE…

Photo Credit: Me

The piece I’m writing today has a dog in it.

A small white dog.

Not surprisingly, my fictional small white dog does a lot of the same things that my real-life small white dog does.

Like smile.

It’s been really cold here lately so I haven’t been able to get out with my pup much.

But, since the temperature soared from -19C (-3F) to 9C (48F) today, we went out for a really long walk.

And that made her smile.

Her paws and tummy turned black from all the melting muddy snow she ran and played in, but she was VERY happy to be back outside.

And that’s a good thing.

Because you know what they say, Happy Dog – Happy Life.

Or something like that.



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